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Much of what I have written over the years has been lost or never filed.
What I have posted here is a selection of some of the journalism I have written over the years

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Elton John - Why all the rumours are wrong
After two rough years. Elton John says that the dark cloud of scandal, ill-health and divorce has lifted and he's happier than he's ever been. At the start of his 1989/90 world tour, the rock star tells Brendan Martin how he survived ... more

Cliff Richard celebrated 20 years in showbusiness
´╗┐On October 5 1978, Cliff Richard celebrated the 20th anniversary of his showbusiness career. It was on that day that Move It!, his first single entered the charts and he played his first concert. Here is an exclusive interview Brendan Martin had with Cliff.

Brendan Behan by his niece
´╗┐Dublin-born writer Brendan Behan was a sex addict. His dependency on alcohol is well-known and well-documented but, according to his niece, his addictive personality also involved him a bi-sexual lifestyle ... more

The Houdini in a fur coat
They make surprisingly affectionate and fun-loving domestic pets - but beware, ferrets are also expert escapologists. Brendan Martin reports. If you have never seen a ferret, you would be forgiven for thinking they are small, smelly savages ready to ... more

Konversation with Kate Bush
This interview with Kate Bush was published in April 1978 when her debut single Wuthering Heights was at No 1 in the UK charts. It has not been seen since and, indeed, is listed as being among those early interviews with Kate Bush which are now missing. Here it is in full for those who wish to read it ... more

Ian McShane: I don't regret my wild days
The star of TV's Lovejoy has done it all...drink, drugs and an affair with soft-porn queen Sylvia Kristel. But bad boy Ian McShane has put all that behind him now. Married to lovely actress Gwen Humble, he's happier than ever and drinks only mineral water. Brendan Martin reports more

They might be Moody but they've never had the Blues
The Moody Blues made their first appearance in Ireland in 1984, 20 years after their debut hit Go Now. more

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